Cornerstone 2: Become a master evangelist

Evangelization is still a new concept for many Catholics. The teaching of the post-Vatican II popes—from Pope Paul VI to Pope Francis—is like a master class in Catholic evangelization.

We don’t need to know the entire history or read every letter from each of the popes to do catechumenate ministry.

But we do have to know what it means to be a Catholic evangelist today.

This is easy in the sense of “know what to do” and hard in the sense of “commit to the discipline of doing it.”

Two learning paths

  • The all-access path is for those who would like a shorter process. While not as in-depth as the full track, it will give you a solid understanding of how the initiation process works. The all-access path is open to everyone.
  • The member path will take more of your time and will demand a deeper level of commitment. But your investment in yourself will be well worth the sacrifice. The member path is open to TeamRCIA Members.
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