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You have a crucial job

Accompanying children on the journey of faith is a huge privilege. And a huge responsibility. You have been called to this ministry, but you may not think you have all the gifts you need. To serve the children and their families well, you have to grow your confidence.

The truth is, the Holy Spirit has gifted you with all the talent you need. You just need to uncover the God-given gifts that are already inside you.

We know you can do this. We’ve helped hundreds of catechists increase their skills and grow their confidence as effective children’s RCIA catechists.

We believe in you. You can do great things.

Thank you so much for this!! This is definitely the piece I have struggled with developing on my own. I’m so excited I can hardly stand it! TeamRCIA is an oasis for my own formation!!

- Terri Domitrovich

The information I have gleaned from TeamRCIA has been invaluable in helping my confidence. Thank you for the help you have been to me!  I look forward to learning more each day!

- Sharon Szabo

We began our first RCIA for children this year. I have no background in the catechumenate for children process. Our team dug deep into your materials, and we are growing in confidence each week.

- Rosellen Sanna

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